Business Consulting

We provide business consulting to help owners and executives perform at a higher level. We do so using the expertise of a successful entrepreneur of more than 20 years, combining experience, best practices, latest technologies for automation, integration, and efficiency improvements. Our particular expertise is in problem solving, seeing through the day to day activities to highlight areas for improvement, or identify parts of the operation not running at an ideal level.

Trade Show Stars

Our Trade Show Stars team is dedicated to improving the trade show exhibition experience for all those involved in the event. We do so by teaching and coaching companies on how to properly exhibit and engage, in order to maximize their time at the event, and capture a much larger and measurable volume of qualified leads. In doing so, we improve the experience for attendees who are getting more out of their time at the event, and learning from a broader range of exhibitors. In turn, event coordinators benefit greatly with happy attendees and exhibitors, both being more likely to spread the word about the event and return the following year.